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Are you worried about safety? Personal alarms give peace of mind and a sense of security to lone, remote or workers in high risk environments. 

Wherever staff run the risk of accidents or physical and/or verbal abuse, they can rely on a personal safety solution to summon and direct appropriate assistance.

Push one button to summon help.

Alarms can be sent with real time location services to guide responders to the location of an incident.

Man-down, no-movement and auto fall detection functions automatically send alarms to responders.

Responders have voice to voice capability and can talk to the victim to assess unfolding situation. 

Its an instant, invaluable communication tool in the event of an emergency. 

Call 111 with the single press of a button.

Personal Safety Alarm

A one-button SOS lone worker alarm is a personal alarm device that allows a person working alone to quickly call for help in case of an emergency or dangerous situation. The device typically has just one button, which the user can press to activate the alarm and send a distress signal. Some benefits of a one-button SOS lone worker alarm include:

Simplicity: The one-button SOS design makes the device easy to use, even in stressful or high-pressure situations.
Quick response: With the ability to quickly send an SMS distress signal to up to 10 nominated contacts including 111, response times can be improved in the event of an emergency.

Increased safety: A one-button SOS Personal alarm allows a lone worker to call for help quickly and easily, providing an increased level of safety.
Peace of mind: Knowing your employees have a way to quickly call for help can provide peace of mind for lone workers and their employers.
Cost-effective: The cost of a one-button SOS Personal alarm is relatively low in comparison to the cost of an accident or injury to a lone worker.
Lightweight and portable: Our one-button SOS Personal alarms are small, lightweight and portable, making it easy for lone workers to carry them with them.
Get help when you need it with a large central SOS button. When button is pressed it immediately sends SMS & GPS location to your nominated emergency contacts (up to 10) The device can then be programmed to start calling out or wait to automatically answer incoming calls.

Number of nominated emergency contacts

Up to 10 contacts can be programmed including emergency services 111

Personal Alarm

Contact Police with a Panic Alarm that can call 111 with the single button press. This personal safety alarm is ideal for anyone who may need 111 in an emergency. Simply press the SOS to automatically connect to 111

Fall detection

This sends an SMS alert when the device detects a rapid fall or significant impact.


Geo-fencing works by setting up a virtual invisible fence. When the device crosses this invisible fence, the device sends an SMS alert to the nominated contacts.

GPS location

Device automatically send last known GPS to nominated contacts during emergency activation.

GPS Tracking – This is designed to track the device (or user). Can be done via SMS or connect to 3rd party online live tracking to silently locate the device.

Effectiveness of GPS location depends on environment and can be reduced by tall buildings, underground carparks and being inside a building/dwelling.

Uninhibited view of sky is important for the communication and GPS to work properly. Device needs to be in a clear, outdoor area for most accurate location results.

Man down / No-movement alarm

This alerts the nominated contacts if the device has not moved for a specified amount of time.

Speed alarm

If the device starts moving faster than the predetermined maximum speed, it alerts the nominated contacts.

Battery & Magnetic charger

Battery lasts 48 – 72 hours on a single charge depending on users settings. Takes approximately 3 hours to recharge. Simple and easy to connect magnetic connections so you can be sure it’s charging.