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Alert 111 and Your Whole Emergency Contact Network

The panic alarm feature is specifically engineered to enable users to swiftly request assistance by pressing a single button in the event of an emergency.

Whether facing a sudden fall, acute medical issue, fire, or break-in, or threatening situation, individuals can easily locate and activate the prominent SOS button on the device to promptly alert their designated contacts.

With just an easy push of a button, your Panic alarm will call 111 and text up to 9 other emergency contacts.

Each of these text alerts includes a geolocation link showing the GPS/wifi or GSM coordinates of your device, allowing emergency responders to quickly find you.

Panic Alarm that can connect directly to 111

Recently, New Zealand has witnessed a concerning surge in crime rates, particularly affecting the retail sector. As a result, retailers across the country are being urged to prioritize the safety and security of their establishments by adopting panic alarm systems. The need for enhanced security measures has become imperative as criminal activities continue to pose a significant threat to the retail industry.

According to recent reports, rising costs and inflation have put additional pressure on retailers, making them more vulnerable to crimes such as theft, robbery, and vandalism. To address this growing concern, industry experts and security professionals emphasize the importance of panic alarms as an effective deterrent and response mechanism in the face of criminal activities. A panic alarm to connect directly to 111 is strongly advised.

The Commerce Minister, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and retail associations, is actively advocating for the implementation of panic alarm systems across retail stores throughout the country. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Ministers in charge of police to work closely with retailers to raise awareness about the benefits and functionality of deterrents and panic alarms.

New Zealand retailers are encouraged to install panic alarm devices strategically within their establishments, ensuring easy access for employees during emergencies. Panic buttons can be discreetly worn on an employee around the neck, wrist or attached to clothing, placed near cash registers, counters, or employee desks to allow quick activation when required.

Our device can be programmed to call 111 with the single press of a button. This prompt notification enables a rapid response by Police and can help deter criminals while ensuring the safety of employees and customers. See our other personal panic alarm features.

It is crucial that any employers prioritize security measures, including panic alarm systems, to protect their physical premises, storage facilities, and employees.

In conclusion, the rise in crime rates and the associated challenges faced by retailers in New Zealand necessitate the adoption of robust security measures. Panic alarms offer a practical solution to address these concerns, providing retailers with a means to seek immediate assistance and deter criminal activities. By prioritizing the safety of their premises and employees, New Zealand retailers can contribute to a more secure and resilient retail environment.

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