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How the Lone Worker Alarm works


The Lone Worker Alarm is very easy to use. You can change any of your emergency contacts at any time. You can turn on or off features like fall detection warnings or low battery warnings.

Location Finding


Fall Detection

Geo Fencing

No Ongoing Costs

What it does

Lone Worker Alarms Man Down Alarm

The Lone Worker Alarm is Australia & New Zealands best ‘Go anywhere’ personal safety alarm with inbuilt GPS satellite navigation positioning capabilities.

LOCATION FINDING – If you’re worried for a staff member that may wander, trying to locate a contractor onsite or even track a lone worker on a remote site- simply text ‘Loc’ (for locate) anytime and the personal security alarm will respond by returning an SMS with the user’s location. This SMS  will contain the GPS location link, simply tapping the link will display the location of the wearer on Google Maps or internet browser.

GEO FENCE – You can set three GEO Fences so if a person enters or leaves an area, the persons monitoring the units will be notified by SMS of GEO Fence being broken. Great for keeping contractors out of restricted areas, or knowing if someone wanders out a building site they are not supposed to, or even discover if a sales rep is outside their coverage area.

FALL DETECTION – Are you worried about falls? The alarms includes Falls Detection with sensitivity adjustments

RECEIVING AND MAKING A NORMAL PHONE CALL – Call into the Safety alarm anytime and the incoming call can be answered by the user pressing the SOS button momentarily. Press and hold the discreet side call button to make a normal phone call to the first emergency contact. (Requires SIM card to communicate. Not Included) 

CONTACT 111. The device can be programmed to make a voice call directly to 111 

3rd PARTY ONLINE TRACKING – Using GPRS & data, the device can be connected to 3rd party tracking websites for live tracking.

EASY TO PROGRAM – Simply program the personal security alarm by texting commands from any mobile phone.

Works with (Recommended), 2Degrees or Spark 4G prepay or contract SIM cards (Not included. You will need to purchase separately).   

We truly believe this is Australia & New Zealand’s Best personal safety alarm


#1: Pressing SOS sends help text messages to 10 emergency contacts

The pendant alarm will send a “Help Me” text message/SMS to each emergency contact person when the contact number is a mobile phone. You can choose to have no calls going out and text message alerts only (Recommended)

#2: Sends the GPS location of the pendant to emergency contacts

Each of the help me text messages contain a link to Google Maps or Internet Browser with the pendant location via the inbuilt GPS accurate to within a few meters.

#3: OPTIONAL – Calls 10 emergency contacts sequentially in your preferred order (Not recommended)

Press the SOS button and the alarm pendant begins to call your contacts in your chosen order. The wearer talks and listens hands free through the pendant like a speaker phone.

#4: Pendant automatically calls and answers in speakerphone mode

When the first nominated contact calls you, no need to fiddle with buttons, it answers automatically. Hands free communication through the in-built microphone and speakerphone with clear, high quality audio & mic.

#5: Fall detection text messages sent to emergency contacts

The Lone Worker Pendant Alarm contains a fall detection feature. When a serious fall is detected, it will vibrate for a short time before sending text messages and making the emergency contact automatically.

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Emergency Contact Features


If you are a carer, emergency contact or responder for the personal alarm, there are additional features that can benefit you.

#1. Anyone knowing the pendant alarms phone number can call the pendant, and the pendant can call out like a normal cell phone. 

Someone can call the mobile phone number of the pendant and talk to the wearer through the in-built speaker and microphone. Additionally, the wearer can press the side talk button anytime and make a call to a predefined emergency contact like a regular phone using the speakerphone.

#2. Send a text message to the pendant to find outs it’s location via Google Maps

If you wish to you can send a simple text message to the pendant and you will receive a reply text showing the wearer’s location on a link to Google Maps or internet browser.

#3. Any of the emergency contacts can be changed at any time

The Pendant Alarm’s contacts be can easily changed anytime, simply by sending text message commands to the pendants phone number. It responds with confirmations after programming and all settings can be checked using the same method

#4. Optional low battery messages can be sent to emergency contacts

You can choose to have a ‘low battery’ warning text message send to each emergency contact when the battery falls to below 15% charge. The default is that the ‘low battery’ warning is on. This can be turned off if desired.

#5 Optional wandering help messages sent to emergency contacts

The Pendant Alarm has a Geo Fencing (Invisible fence) feature that allows warning text messages to be sent if the wearer strays outside outside a defined area such 200 meters or 500 meters. Ideal for some people suffering from dementia or if you want to ‘fence’ an area the should not be.

#6 Program the pendant alarm by sending it text/sms messages

After you receive your Pendant Alarm you are able to change settings and turn on/off features by sending simple text/sms messages to the pendant phone number.

#7 Weatherproof – wear it in the shower or rain

The Pendant Alarm is weatherproof so it can be worn in the shower or the rain. It is also dust proof and can be used in dusty or rugged locations with care.

#8 Easy recharging with magnetic lead

The included is a magnetic charging lead which allows the wearer to pop the cord simply onto the device when it needs to be recharged. Many people keep the charging station next to their bed and recharge it overnight. One recharge should give about 3 days use.

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