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Lone Worker Devices & Medical Alert Alarms


Thank you for your purchase

Please be aware, the alarm purchased only works with 4G Spark or Vodafone SIM cards. Brand new cards are recommended.

Before you put the SIM card in the alarm (Unscrew screws on back and insert into holder), please ensure the SMS & Calling functions are working correctly and set up your voice mail before putting the SIM card in the device.

Please charge your device for 12 hours before 1st use.

Attached are the programming instructions. You program the device by sending it text commands from your own cell phone. The settings 90% of kiwi users use can be found quickly in the ‘READ FIRST – NZ START GUIDE’. All other programming can be found in the SMS programming guide, and full SMS command list will be useful if connecting to 3rd party tracking platforms.

Delivery Times:
– Generally within 2 working days within NZ
– 5 working days to most international centers
-although can take up to 14 working days for rural or out of the way areas.
The status is updated every evening.

If you have any queries or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us